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Metals and Metallography
Routine Verification for quality assurance

Metals are important to us in so many aspects of our lives. Reliable performance from instruments and equipments is a must even for day to day chores. To assure that these metals will meet their performance requirement, routine testing and verification is a necessity. As a certified analysis facility, ETTL help you manage your quality assurance program and provide all the answers you need about material composition, characteristics and mechanical properties.

In case of product failure, our engineers can determine the root cause and provide insight for preventing future re-occurrence. Unlike most service providers, we offer all services from one location, so you can count on convenience, as well as quality.

Available Test :
  Test for Chemical Parameters :
Carbon Chromium Magnesium Molybdenum
Zinc Sulphur Zirconium Vanadium
Tungsten Lead Antimony Phosphorous
  Test for Mechanical Parameters :
Tensile Strength Decarburization Dimensions Yield Stress
Reband Elongation Hardness Grain Size    
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Equipment Available :
ComputerizedUniversal Testing Machine Computerized Compression Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine
Fatigue Testing Machine Rockwell Hardness Tester
Universal Pendulum Impact Tester    

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