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The Company
Enkay Testing Technologies Limited is established by a group of young proffesionals in the year 2009 to fill the void present in the current scenerio of Testing Techonlogy sector. Experience to match the ambition to be the best in the industry and well equipped lab, proffesional technicians to achieve any target is the core strength of Enkay Testing Technologies Ltd.
Why Enkay Testing Technologies Ltd.?
At present, Indian industry is spreading its wings in world over and to compete with international players we need to assure quality of the products we manufacture. Most of the european and american quality control procedures are still not widely followed by Indian manufacturers.

Enkay Testing Technologies Ltd. is established to provide quality testing services in accordance with international standards. A 20,000 Sq. Feet facility, which is well equipped with latest computerized material testing equipments sourced from world renowned manufacturers and maintained by well informed and experienced technicians. This is an initiative to provide Indian industry with reliable, certified and timely test results for their requirements.

Our Strength
Enkay Testing Technologies Ltd. is one-stop-shop for material and non-destructive testing instruments and services. Covering wide range of industries and fulfilling all the requirements whether in the form of testing, calibration or on-site inspection. To make things easier for our customers, some costly equipments are also made available on lease for on-site and customized testing solutions. From Oil testing for perfumeries to microbiological studies for food industry, ETTL has dedicated staff and facility for each and every requirement.

At ETTL, we believe that time is money and by establishing one-stop-shop for all your testing needs, we eliminate costly bottlenecks and delays by consolidating all material testing, non-destructive testing, calibration and inspection services in a single facility that incorporates the right equipment, technician & expertise and further minimizing the time consumption on your side to approach different people for your different needs.

Mission Statement

Perfection in Testing

Relability and Quality Assurance

Timely Job Completion
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