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Petroleum Products and Fuels
Fueling the efficiency and quality

Petrochemicals, dyes and other related products play a significant role in our life. Their presence can be felt at every nook and corner of our life. They are vastly used in medicines, paints, dyes, plastics, cosmetics and even in pharmaceutical products. Quality and composition of product holds a significant position for the related industry. ETTL has dedicated lab facility and experienced technicians for petrochemical industry. Our elaborated test range and certified test reports provides you with the result you can rely on.

Available Test :
API Gravity, Density Relative Density of crude oil
Sediment Content in crude oil Water Content in crude oil
Sulfur Content in crude oil S&W (Centrifuge)
Crude Oil Assay Carbon Residue
Chlorides – Total Chloride - Organic (includes Naphtha Cut)
Chlorides - Inorganic Mercury Detection (Trace Levels)
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Equipment Available :
Bitumen Penetrometer Cleveland Flash & Fire Point Test App
Ductility Testing Machine Pensky Martin Apparatus
Ring and Bail Apparatus Standard Tar Viscometer
Some of the tests are purely chemical analysis based

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