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Where Durability & Safety Matters

Infrastructure and construction industry solely depends on its credentials and reputations. Each and every project is executed with the aim of stability and safety for a long time period. Some project like power plants, petrochemical refineries & bridges are of utmost importance and require complete quality assurance. ETTL has complete range of material testing equipments acquired from world renowned manufacturers. Our state-of-the-art computerized lab is fully capable of providing reliable information according to your requirements and easy to read certified test report with each order detailing result.

Available Test :
  • Complete Quality Assurance Services for the Raw Materials and Finished Products
  • Pre and Post Construction Quality Checks
  • Inspection of Strengthening work for Concrete Roads , Cement & other Building materials
  • Site Inspection of the Roads made of concrete and new materials.

  • Equipment Available :
    Aggregate Impact Testing Machine Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
    Air Entrainment Meter Apparatus for Analysis of Freshly Mixed Concrete
    Autoclaves Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Cap. 3000KN)
    Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus California Bearing Ratio Apparatus
    Compressometers & Extensometers Computerized Universal Testing Machine (Cap. 1000KN)
    Concrete Mixer : Manual & Electrical Cone Penetrometer
    Consolidation Test Apparatus Cube, Briquette, Beam & Cylindrical Mould
    Click here for complete list of equipments available in Infrastructure Lab.

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